Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson) by Rick Riordan

I'm behind in my posts. It's time to try and catch up.

With the end of the semester and a sick son I needed something light and mindless to read. The second book in the Lightning Thief series seemed like a perfect go-to. In this book Percy ends his otherwise uneventful school year with a dodge ball game against monsters bent on killing him.

On the run from the monsters, he and his friends make it to Camp Half Blood only to discover that the borders are open to the outside. Percy puts himself up for another quest which he does not get chosen for, but ends up doing anyway.

I enjoyed Sea of Monsters. It was a fun light read. It was a good continuation of the Percy Jackson series. I think it would have appeal to a tween. For whatever reason I did not enjoy this book as much as the first - it could be the shorter length. While I found myself wholeheartedly invested in The Lightning Thief this one finished to quickly to get lost in the story.

I will keep reading the series. It is a fun series. I will hang on to it for my son in a couple of years. All in all, not a bad modern boy's adventure series.

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