Friday, October 1, 2010

October is Children's Book month - at least for me :-)

I am going to take a break for the month from blogging about the books I am reading. I may hang onto the titles so I can post them later. But for this month I will turn my focus to children's literature. Both of my boys: Eldest and Boy2 have recently made the jump from Easy Readers to Chapter books. It is not an easy transition and some days are more successful than others. But it is fascinating to watch their interests and their abilities change every day.

There are so many good books for kids these days that I am gratified by what I can find. Not everything they read is "literature." Far from it. But they are reading and that's what is important. There is always room for improvement too. If there is one great book, how can I find more like it?

I try not to be an overbearing parent. I did not spend hours showing my kids Mozart flashcards at the age of two. But I will admit that I have pushed reading on them. As you probably noticed from my blog, I LOVE to read. Books are as necessary to me as food. I wanted to pass that love onto my children. But equally important is the necessity to read to be successful in school. Whether Math, Science, Social Studies the ability to read and comprehend instructions and texts are crucial. So I felt like early reading would make the transition to school easier.

It has, but now I have kids reading above their grade level which presents its own challenges.

Anyway, that's enough from me. Now on to the books:


Kelly Dahl said...

So excited for your reviews! We are reading chapter books at night but I am struggling with good ones. I'll be very interested in what boy2 likes. My own is on the young emotionally too (still Loves! Blues Clues too) and the suspenseful ones are far too scary for him. We're doing Mrs. Piggle Wiggle right now, and listened to Pippi Longstockings, both of which are/were hits. But where are the boys? Anyway, looking forward to some new titles.

g.n.a.t. said...

I can't promise any great literature. But as long as they're reading that's what's important. Hopefully you'll find some new stories to add into your rotation.