Monday, March 15, 2010

Thai Die by Monica Ferris

I returned to a familiar cozy series after finishing a book I didn't like (see below, if curious). I knew that Monica Ferris would not disappoint - and she didn't. Thai Die is the twelfth! book in the Needlecraft series (I think I may have missed a few in the middle as I can't remember eleven other stories). But for a cozy series to make it that long is a good sign of reader appeal.

One of the appeals of Ferris' books is the theme - needlework. Whether an occasional flurry of activity or a regular weekly hobby there are lots of people who knit, crochet, needlepoint, or cross stitch. Ferris' stories appeal to all of these individuals. And she is good to always acknowledge that needlework is not exclusively a women's hobby.

But I've been pondering more and more what the appeal of the cozy is in general. As odd as it may sound to someone who has never read a cozy:

They're innocent.

Yes, the main plot revolves around murder. However, there is no blood and guts. There is no incest and rape. The good guy always wins. The bad guy always gets caught. And somewhere in the middle of the book, you may actually learn a fact or two.

This particular story revolved around the theft of artistic objects from Bangkok. There were a few holes in the story. I would not describe Ferris' books as fine literature. But I doubt Ferris would either. That's not why she wrote them.

All in all a good escape.

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