Monday, February 22, 2010

Wolf Who Rules by Wen Spencer

Rice Krispie Treats -
undeniably a guilty pleasure.

They remind me of childhood - and grad school if truth be told. But imagine eating an organic rice krispie treat. All the flavor and memories, but none of the guilt (a bit of a stretch maybe, but you get the idea).

Wolf Who Rules is a guiltless guilty pleasure. But the cover makes me feel like I need to hide in shame when I am reading on the train or revert back to my dorky teenage self.

Wen Spencer's first novel in the Tinker series is fabulous. So fun and light and engaging. It is cyber punk meets high fantasy, elves and mechanics, Pittsburgh and Elfhome mixed into one. My husband picked up Tinker at a local bookstore and handed it to me after devouring it in one day. It has taken me 2 1/2 years to get to the sequel.

Wolf Who Rules picks up where Tinker ended. Pittsburgh is stuck on an elf planet, elfs are descending, the evil Oni are ready to invade and Tinker is prepped to save the world. Throw in some romance, some magic, and some high speed chases and you have the story.

There are no deep messages. There is not overriding theme to be discussed in a book group. The purpose of the book is entertainment and Spencer is very good at exactly that. The reason I call this book "guiltless" is Spencer's writing style. She's a good writer who tells a compelling story. I thoroughly enjoyed Wolf Who Rules and wish that Spencer would add more books to the series.


Janicu said...

I liked this book too. Wen Spencer's world building always amazes me.

Her newest one, ENDLESS BLUE is excellent. It's a standalone - not part of the Tinker world though.

g.n.a.t. said...

I'll add Endless Blue to my to-read list. Thanks!

I picked up her Ukiah Oregon series and The Brother's Price at the used book store the other day. She can be hard to find.