Monday, January 12, 2009

Bird Books for Kids

When my older son was three and a half, he fell in love with pirates. The obsession lasted through his fourth birthday. One day I stopped at the library in search of pirate stories appropriate for a 3 year old. The librarian very nicely took me to the non-fiction section and handed me books about the myths and legends of Blackbeard. And there was a book about all of the finer features of a pirate ship. Not really three year old appropriate. I went home, scoured the library website and found at least a dozen picture books, ABC books and other simple stories that would appeal to a three year old boy.

Today we had a strange repeat of two years ago. My youngest is OBSESSED with birds. I thought it was a passing fancy, but it has returned full force. He has a bird stuffed animal that must go to bed with him - he used to be "Yellow Bird" but has recently been rechristened "Yellow Baby Chick." He gets tucked in at night with a blanket and my son even suggests that he is the daddy bird. We have a kid's book about birds that he loves to look through. The other night he specifically asked for the page with the baby birds and I left him in bed staring raptly at the less than cute baby birds waiting for worms from their mother. He has Hush Little Ones which I find almost every morning open to the picture of the birds or the ducks.

So, back to the library we trekked today. I nicely asked the librarian - a different one - for books about birds. Her first question - non-fiction? Nope. I've got those. She looked at me a bit blankly; admittedly, it is probably not the most frequent request she gets. So, I suggested to her Make Way for Ducklings whose author I didn't know. She found that one and went back to her computer to search for others. A few minutes later she came by with Are You My Mother? A good bird book, but one we already own. That was it.

So, I did retreat to the non-fiction section. My son, who is not usually a big book lover, plopped down on the floor and stared intently at a story about abandoned ducklings that a scientist raised. He looked at every page, asked me a dozen questions, and asked to bring it home.

But, I'm looking for other good stories. Does anyone have any suggestions? I will happily search through the library catalog, but I know that someone out there can think of the perfect book to appeal to my yellow bird loving son.



Dani said...
"Duck on a Bike" by David Shannon (one of my favorites children's writer/illustrators.) I just brought this home last night, and then read your post today.

"Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus." These are short, smart, and funny.

Owl Moon, but another favorite author Jane Yolen.
"Sleepy Owl" Cute and simple.

Stellaluna is about bats, but they have birds in it.

"The Littlest Owl" is so cute, and the illustrations are gorgeous.

Dani said...
"Duck for President." Funny and cute.
"First the Egg." Neat, but simple with die cut pages.

The "Bear" series all features a wren. (We love this because we have a neice named "Wren.")
"Duck." I just like this one. It's got a classic feel.

Ok. I will stop. ;)

A Gwen Nelson said...

Thank you Dani! Some great suggestions. A couple I have heard of, but lots I haven't. We're headed back to the library this afternoon so I'll see what I can find.