Friday, February 8, 2008

Lie by Moonlight by Amanda Quick

A friend sent me this book and I could not have picked up something more different than Measuring the World had I tried. It has been a while since I have read a romance novel. This one had some of the characteristics of a classic bodice ripper, but it had a genuinely interesting story with a mystery embedded in it that kept me glued to the page.
The two main characters meet within the first twenty pages and spend a fair amount of time thinking about one another, catching glances from afar, and being convinced that the other thinks them silly or not worthy of their attention. In that way, Lie by Moonlight is the archetype of a romance novel.
But, the plot was not quite so stereotypical. The story involves four teen-aged orphans who have been kept at a remote castle and educated for what reason remains a mystery. With the help of their teacher, the indomitable Concordia Glade, they flee the villains and discover the underlying plot to control them. The reason they have been abducted is clever and not something that I have read a half a dozen times. The ire of Glade who believes in greater equality for women during the height of Victorian England leads to some humorous escapades.
As my friend said, the book is better than the cover might suggest (The cover depicts a bare-chested, well-developed man with a mysterious flower tattooed on his pec). This is not a book to read to learn anything about Victorian British history. The accuracy is tenuous. But, it is a light and enjoyable read. All in all, a good fun book to pass the time.

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