Monday, January 14, 2008

Murder at the B-School by Jeffrey Cruikshank

Jeffrey Cruikshank's book details the death of a Harvard Business School student. He is one son in an extremely wealthy family who is expected to take over the family business. Wim Vermeer, a professor doomed to not getting tenure, gets mixed up in helping to solve the case and finds himself in over his head. Enter the dowdy yet intriguing Boston Police Captain Barbara Brouillard.
This is a good mystery. I don't have much to say about it. I enjoyed it when I read it. The plot was not overly obvious. I was surprised by the villain. Jeffrey Cruikshank obviously knows the Harvard Business School because the details are very good. I like his protagonist. There's nothing like a jaded scholar to keep other scholars going.
I can't say I liked the ending very well. He's setting the book up for a sequel, but it just lacked spark. It was a good diversion. It was not classic literature. Read. Enjoy. Move on.

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